Photography in the Time of Sorrow

Or, One Artist’s Voice Speaks For Many

Two posts in one day. Who can live at that speed? I was surfing the web today, looking for an artist agent for myself. Along the way, I stumbled upon For whatever reason, the fairies of the Universe conspired so that the first page that opened featured a fellow Atlantan I have never met, one Mr. Zack Arias. I loved what he had to say in his ‘Artist Message‘, so I naturally moseyed on over to check out his blog. That’s where I watched this video. I literally put my head in my hands and wept great big gobbets of tears. I have never heard words before that so clearly articulate what it can feel like to be alone with your creative demons.


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  1. I thought that video was so powerful, so truthful. I admire him for saying what so many of us barely dare to think.

  2. deborahwolfe says

    Hi Sinead. Glad you enjoyed the video. I actually got to meet Zack last night, at a large gathering. Nice guy. I checked out your website and you do lovely work. Thanks so much for stopping by.