Documentary Photography – Midtown Atlanta

Old Midtown – Atlanta Georgia

I’ve been documenting the old section of Midtown, Atlanta for the last three years.  Most of my photographs are taken in the area bounded by Piedmont Avenue, 10th Street, Charles Allen Drive and 4th Street.  Occasionally I venture over to Juniper Street or into Piedmont Park.

I am continually amazed by how ‘wild’ some parts of this very urban, in-town community still are.  It is such a trip to be standing in the midst of what seems to be a lonely country lane and look up to see a city skyline.

I keep tossing the idea around of publishing a book.  Maybe I will.

These two images were taken in fairly close proximity to each other.  On this particular day I was focused on photographing the remains of the once common cobblestone streets.  I was actually standing on a small patch of cobblestone when I took the top image.



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