High on a Mountain Top

Or,  Seeing Wildlife Other than Street Hustlers and Junkies is a Good Thing

I know I mentioned it before, that we live in the heart of urban Midtown, Atlanta.  I can honestly say I am glad to have had this experience.

When I was younger, oh so much younger, I used to daydream about all the different ways I wanted to experience living.  One of them was that fantasy of living right in the heart of a vibrant city, wherein I would walk right down to the street and skip happily along, just like Marlo Thomas in That Girl.  I’d stroll past fresh flower vendors, shop at my local corner grocer, frequent my neighborhood coffee shop slash bookstore and bump into friends, neighbors and acquaintances all along the way, as I made my way to a fabulous city park for a bench with a view.  Hmmmm…..don’t forget the baguette and fragrant cheese either.


Well, there have certainly been days like those.  But I am a country girl at heart.  I grew up in the heart of the deep south, in rural north Alabama amid rolling hills and farm land.  I have been living in or near a big city for far too long.  I am ready for a change.  I keep hearing the call towards western North Carolina, up in the hills.

So, we keep taking little mini-vacations and driving up to the mountains.  This past weekend we stayed up in Boone, North Carolina, in a wonderful little house with a wrap around deck.  We did a lot of exploring, but right now I just want to focus on the cabin experience, where in we sat at a charming bistro table and sipped hot coffee:



I found a tub of plastic toys stashed under the coffee table and couldn’t resist amusing myself while sipping my coffee in the dappled light.


What’s I’m saying is, I’d like to see A LOT more of this:


Before I see this:


Speaking of which, we spent a wonderful afternoon wandering through two different and really old cemeteries while in the mountains.  I’ll be posting more about that experience later.

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