My Daughter As Marie Antoinette

Or, How to Help Your Family Time Travel

My daughter just celebrated her September birthday and I wanted to give her something very special.  She has a fascination with all things Marie Antoinette.  I have a fascination with all things ART and thought it would be a good opportunity to continue working on my digital mastery and eventual conquest of the world.  Not too mention I thought ‘J’ might enjoy BEING Marie Antoinette!  How often DOES a young, modern woman get to see herself in French court attire?


The first step was research and selection of a suitable Marie Antoinette image.  Fortunately, there is a wealth of visual imagery out there, produced directly from life, during Ms. Antoinette’s lifetime.  After much searching and perusing, I finally settled on this one:


The next step was finding the best image of my daughter.  Despite the fact I have been a professional photographer for a couple of decades AND have photographed my daughter ad nauseam, I did not have a current photograph that would work for what I had in mind.  However, all was not lost.  Digging though my files I came across a photo someone had taken of her with a cellphone.


Cellphone images are really low resolution, so I had to do a little rezzing up voodoo before I could isolate her face.  After isolating her face, I flipped it horizontally and performed all manner of magic on it so it would match the painting when I dropped it in.


Then came the moment for the face transplant……drum roll please…..


At this point, I continued to refine the piece, using several different techniques, such as cloning, sampling colors, blending, opacity etc.  I originally thought I might remove the glasses, then realized how much Marie Antoinette would have probably loved the sense of ‘decorum’ they provide.

I decided the final piece should be printed on canvas, to mimic the real deal.  More decisions; should I just use the straight up image, or should I drop it onto another layer?  I decided that the French court was NOT about restraint in…..anything.  The more layers, ruffles, colors and lace, the better.  So, I used a portion of another image I had on file, of a pink rose overlain with another color layer and some sort of interesting choice of blend modes.


That’s it for this week’s brain salad surgery.

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