Going Pro Kit for Photographers

Ready to shift your photography paradigm?

Gentle readers, on a recent mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas, I fell into a deep cravasse and was thus unable to bring to you the good news from the far reaches of the photographic cosmos.

Those clever people over at Digital Photography School have hatched a most diabolically good idea. It is a kit, no less. In fact, it is the…..wait for it…..drumroll please…….GOING PRO KIT.

Going Pro Kit for Photographers

This is not just your usual eBook offering.

As the title suggests, this is a resource for those looking to turn their passion for photography into an income stream. It’s by photo editor and experienced author Kelly Kingman. Those who buy it will get:

  1. The Going Pro eBook
  2. FOUR audio interviews with photography PROS (2 hours of audio)
  3. Getting Published in Magazines – (a SECOND eBook)


This great price ends at midnight on Tuesday, July 19th (US Eastern time.) After that it’s $49.99.


Each person who buys before the deadline is qualified to be eligible to win an iPad2.

What? You’re waiting on a note from your MOTHER?

Get busy. Get the kit. Start your business. Cash your checks. Live happily ever after. No need to thank me. Your success and happiness are gratification enough.

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