Build a WordPress Website With Comfort and Ease

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Our friend and colleague, Lisa Wood of Sprout New Media, has put together a LIVE webinar course (with recordings for those of you who have to miss some classes) covering the basics of WordPress.

She just launched this Friday (quietly), and she can only take 50 students, and I want to make sure some of my readers have a shot at getting in.

Lisa is the real deal, she’s even more experienced with WordPress than we at Rowboat Media are (and that says a LOT), AND we know where she lives!

Build a WordPress Website With Comfort and Ease

Who should take this course:

If you want to learn WordPress basics end-to-end, including how to set up an install from scratch, choose a theme, do a little customization, AND manage your content – this course is definitely for you. In addition to managing your main website, you can propagate additional ones like Tribbles if that’s your heart’s desire.

Learn more – WordPress without Overwhelm

Who should weigh the advantages of taking this course:

If you have a website that’s fully custom-designed (say, by Rowboat Media) and managed by us, and all you want to do is know how best to continue creating content, you probably should STILL take it if only for the content sections, because the price is unbelievably low. Also, if you want to throw up some additional WordPress sites that you don’t want to invest in a custom design for yet – say, for a hobby rather than the front door of your bread-and-butter business – then take it.

Learn more – WordPress without Overwhelm

Who should have someone ELSE take this course:

I doubt you’re on this list if you fit this category, but if you like to have everything done for you and have no intention of ever logging into your WordPress Dashboard, ignore this. This is not for you. But if your assistant is the one stuck with that job – you might want to sign him/her up!

Sign up your assistant for WordPress without Overwhelm

Well? What are you waiting on? Get on it. The world will never be more ready for YOUR great idea than it is right NOW, this red-hot minute.


Build a WordPress Website With Comfort and Ease

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