Wake Up Sleepy Heads. It’s Black Friday!

Totally Rad is having a MAD CRAZY Black Friday Sale.

Prices 25% – 30% off for everyone.

My Readers Receive an ADDITIONAL 15% off!

That’s a total of 40% – 45% SAVINGS YOU GET TO KEEP IN YOUR POCKETS!

Just in case you slept through the whole thing missed it the first time, get all the gooey details here –

Time for Totally Rad’s Annual Black Friday Sale

How Do You Cash in on All This Goodness?

First you have to visit Totally Rad:

Then, use this coupon code before you check out and your additional 15% discount will be added:

Totally Rad Black Friday Sale

Hope you all had a grand Turkey Day and aren’t too hung over from all that good food, and no doubt good company : )

Me? Why yes, I did indeed have a fabulous Thanksgiving Day feast with family and friends, and thank you for asking.

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