Only 3 More Days to Win $1200 in Photography Products

Buy Photo Nuts and POST by February 21 and qualify to win BIG.

If you have a problem with buying a FANTASTIC ebook loaded with tons of photography post processing information, at a reduced price AND having a chance to win things like cameras and computers, then you should just skip this post and move on to more productive things.

Like making arrangements for your Grand European Tour or chumming it up with Kate and Wills over high tea.

But if you’re like me, and you’re just sitting around navel surfing and looking for spare change in the sofa always happy to learn more, get better and possibly win fabulous PRIZES (insert my best Bob Barker voice here), then you’ll want to read on.

Photo Nuts and Post Ebook

Let me break it down for you.

Buy Photo Nuts and POST on or before MIDNIGHT FEBRUARY 21 (US Eastern Time) and the following things happen:

You Save $10.

Photo Nuts and Post Ebook














You Qualify to Win Stuff Worth $1200 FREAKING DOLLARS!

Photo Nuts and Post Ebook















Oh Yeah? What Kind of Stuff? Huh huh???

  •  A Canon 60D FREAKING CAMERA with a 18-135mm LENS MAN!!!!
  • A 21.5 inch iMac COMPUTER. Helloooooooooooo…..a computer. Yeah, like you’re so cool you’d turn down an opportunity for a FREE APPLE COMPUTER. Yeah. You da man.
  • A copy of Photoshop CS5 AND an iPad!. We’re talking industry GOLD STANDARD SOFTWARE here. And if you don’t even NEED an iPad, just think what an impressive gift it would make. Your girl (or guy) could be all brand name dropping all OVER the place at that high tea thing.

Read the Review Already.

I’ve already brought you a little bone to chew on, but just in case you can’t find your ass with both hands in the dark forgot, here’s my review of Photo Nuts and POST.

Not in the Market to Spend ANY Money?

Then check out all this FREE info:

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Low Key Portrait Lighting

Studio Lighting for Headshots

Photographing Young Children With Low Key Lighting

How to Photograph Large Groups in the Studio

Photographing Babies, Birth to One Year – Tips and Techniques

How to Photograph and Light a Large Group Outside

And you thought I didn’t love you.

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