Last Day to Win $1200 in Photography Products

Wake up, Smell the Coffee, Buy the Book and Grab the Prizes!

Digital Photography School ebook Photo Nuts and POST

Today is IT. G Day. Because after midnight tonight, it’s GONE. Nothing but the wind and crickets tomorrow morning.

What ARE you talking about woman?

Oh, you want it simple? Then stand back.

You have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (February 21, US Eastern Time) to do the following:

  • Buy the book. WHAT book? Photo Nuts and POST.
  • Keep $10 in your pocket.
  • Qualify to win $1200 in GREAT STUFF

Why should I buy the book?

Because it’s fantastic, is all. Because you might actually learn something about how to take your photos to the very next level and beyond. Because you’re the kind of person who wants the satisfaction of knowing you’re on to something BIG. Want to be extra sure? Read my review of Photo Nuts and POST.

Why should I buy it NOW?

Because you want to practice good financial stewardship, respect your money and you’re smart. I was just reaching for that last part. You could be dumb as a box of hammers for all I know. I suspect you’re not though, ’cause you’re reading my stuff and I’m smart as a whip. Modest too.

Excuse me Miss, but could you remind me of what I could win?

Nag, nag, nag. Like I don’t need to get back to surfing the web orchestrating World Peace and ending World Hunger. Okay baby birds (oooooh my inner Mama Predator is off and running) here’s the list of fabulous prizes you could walk off with:

My work here is done.

While you’re hanging out in the waiting room of life, you could check out this interview and these tutorials:

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