New Natural Light Photography Book

Win $1,000 worth of lenses!

Digital Photography School has come out with another in their fantastic line of digital photography books: Natural Light – Mastering a Photographer’s Most Powerful Tool.

This time the subject is natural light photography. The darned thing is literally flying off the shelves. Apparently there is a great need for this type of material.

And why not? Natural light photography allows you to photograph without a lot of costly studio equipment, such as lights, stands, light modifiers, backgrounds or background stands. Shockingly enough, it allows you to harness readily available natural light.

Natural Light - Mastering a photographer's most powerful tool.

Buy BEFORE midnight on May 22 and qualify to win $1000 worth in lenses.

Yes, you read correctly. If you purchased Natural Light – Mastering a Photographer’s Most Powerful Tool before midnight (US Eastern Time) of May 22, you can qualify to win a thousand dollars worth of lenses.

There will only be one winner, and that winner can choose any combination of lenses to the value of $1000 USD.

But is the book good?

I’m so glad you asked. But before I answer your question, I’ll ask one of my own. Is it published by Digital Photography School? If you answered yes, you are correct. And that automatically means it’s not only good, it’s GREAT.

Natural Light - Mastering a photographer's most powerful tool.

ALL of Digital Photography School’s books are superb, and Natural Light is no different. When I read the title, I thought ‘duh’. How much can there possibly be to say about natural light photography?

I’ve had a camera in my hands for over 40 years, so I sometimes forget how overwhelming it can feel to someone just starting out. But as usual, the crew over at DPS has thought of everything…and I mean everything.

Natural Light - Mastering a photographer's most powerful tool.

Check out the topics covered in Natural Light – Mastering a Photographer’s Most Powerful Tool.

Getting started

  •  Communicating visually
  • The role of natural light
  • The power of natural light
  • Light as a creative tool
  • Adapting to the light
  • The philosophy behind working with natural light


  • Metering
  • Types of metering modes
  • Metering and exposing
  • The histogram

 The changing characteristics of natural light

  • Light quality
  • Direction of natural light
  • More on direction of natural light
  • A world of possibilities
  • Natural light and color

 Post-processing and light

  •  Reasons for post-processing
  • Common post-processing tools, techniques and their purposes
  • Global adjustments
  • Local adjustments
  • HDR (Hight Dynamic Range) Images
  • Pseudo HDR Images

 Quick guide to natural light

  • Twilight
  • Magic/golden hour light
  • Light diffused by clouds
  • Diffused natural light outdoors and indoors
  • Harsh daylight
  • Light in fog

Working with natural light

  • Controlling light’s impact on the scene in front of you
  • Diffusing light
  • Directing light
  • Multiple light sources
  • Reflecting light
  • Dealing with natural light’s dynamic nature
  • Dealing with elusive light

 Light in fog? Hello?

When was the last time somebody talked to you about natural light photography in fog? I mean, we all known about the ‘golden hour’, but fog? Natural Light has THREE pages on photographing in fog.

Check out these tutorials on natural light photography:

Outdoor Portraiture – Photographing Families in Natural Light

Outdoor Portraiture – Overcoming Challenges

How to Photograph and Light a Large Group Outside

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