Mother’s Day Sale at Totally Rad

Spend $99 and save $50 this week only!

Totally Rad is having a totally awesome sale on their total line of totally fantastic products and it totally ONLY happens this week.

Whew! That was like totally a mouth full.

Buy ANY Product worth $99 and SAVE. Time for Quantum Mathematics.

Sooooooooooo, let’s see. If you buy a product that normally costs $100, you would save $50. Let me do the math here….2+2=4 and the word ‘turkey’ has 5 letters, round up to the next decimal point and 

Totally Rad Mother's Day Sale

$50 will get you a LOT of play on Galaga. But before you go tearing off all Willy Nilly, grab the super secret code (shhhhhhhh……) from Wee Willy Winkle down below:

Totally Rad Mother's Day Sale

Just enter that code ‘MOMSDAY’ at the checkout and your discount will occur. Now go play!

Totally Rad Mothers Day Sale

 Trying to decide which product/s to buy? Check out these reviews:

RadLab is a Game Changer

New Lightroom Presets From Totally Rad Really Deliver

Totally Rad Lightroom Black & White Presets Produce Glorious Images

New Totally Rad Lightroom ‘Effects” Presets Add Visual Interest to Photographs

Totally Rad Lightroom Presets Total Package

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