Free Vintage Photographs

As well as some awesome postcards and illustrations.

I love digital collaging and am always looking for sources of inspiration.

I have a library of old family photographs, and sometimes use those in my creations.

For example, here’s a piece I did entitled Storm Gatherer, using a photograph of my mother and her older sister, from way back in the day.

But sometimes we all want something new.

Or old, as the case may be.

Free vintage photographs, postcards and illustrations.

While stumbling down various and sundry internet rabbit holes, I tripped up on Vintage Printable, a website that describes itself thusly:

“We provide free, public domain/out-of-copyright images for you to print or download. Most of the images are vintage naturalist or scientific illustration, but there are loads of other images, too.”

It’s an awesome site, with searchable galleries in all these different areas:

  • Animal
  • Art
  • Botanical
  • Color
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Geopolitical
  • Juvenile
  • Medieval
  • Printed
  • Science
Check it out. Maybe it’ll trigger a creative burst of energy. It’s where I found my octopus.


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