The More Things Change…

The More They Stay the Same.

Woman. Girl. Female. Gal. Femme fatale. Saint. Slut. Virgin. Maiden. Tramp. Trollop. Whore. Strumpet. Slattern. Mother. Daughter. Dyke. Wife. Sister. Grandmother. Skinny bitch. Fat cow. Dog faced. Blubber butt. Thunder thighs. Pure as the driven snow. Fallen woman. Temptress. Sweet heart. Bride. Darling. Beloved. Chubby. Homely. Ugly. Plain Jane. Handsome. Bull dagger. Fatty. Sheela NaGig. Ingenue. Teen. Tween. Buxom. Busty. Prostitute. Starlet. Tart. Cunt. Witch. Hag. Call girl. Doll. Moll. Fish wife. Haridan. Vixen. Catty. Widow. Pubescent. Nubile. Crone. Old bag. Bag lady. Flirt. Tease. Prick tease. Frigid. Bitch. Party girl. Lesbian. Loose. Faithful. Long suffering. Harlot. Nag. Ball and chain. Old bat. Help mate. Bimbo. Good girl. Wicked. Black Widow. Delilah. Curvaceous. Plump. Fat. Pig. Porker. Sow. Lithesome. Lady. Madame. Mistress. Courtesan. Nurse Rached. Babe. Medusa. Goddess. Working girl. Street walker. Cougar. Lolita. Big boned. Girl friend. Fat ass. Little woman. Bad girl. Divorcee’. Queen. Princess. Dowager. Lover. Nurse maid. Old maid. Nymph.

What am I on about now? This.

Once you see, you can never not see.

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