Reverse Engineering the Pros Lighting Setups

Or, How to Read a Catch Light or Two

I’ve been studying images for longer than….well, a long time, dammit. Just take my word for it.

Whenever I pick up a glossy magazine or a music CD or even a movie poster, I try to figure out how it was lit.

I study catch lights the way some people study baseball stats.

Apparently Other People Do This Too

It’s  nice to know I’m not the only fool geek nerd photography lighting aficionado out there.

Annie Leibovitz, Jill Greenberg, Patrick Ecclesine, Dave Hill and others laid bare.

Check out It’s All in the Lighting, Baby! by Melanie Mann, a photography assistant to the pros out in L.A.

This is a fantastic blog post, replete with awesome diagrams and behind the scenes videos.




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