Deborah Who?

I am Deborah Wolfe, an Asheville, North Carolina based commercial photographer with 20 plus years of professional experience. I have had a camera in my hand since I was 9 years old. I opened a successful studio in 1990 in Atlanta, and over the past two decades have photographed virtually everything, including:

  • model portfolios
  • headshots
  • editorial assignments
  • magazine covers
  • product
  • architectural
  • interiors
  • families
  • events
  • dance companies
  • children
  • babies
  • pets
  • local celebrities
  • weddings
  • and one very dead but perfectly lovely wild turkey

I like smart people. I am conflicted about the Oxford comma. I still don’t know how to play the banjo. I like listening to Jace Everett’s music. It makes me feel dirty. I used to tie string onto the legs of June bugs and ‘fly’ them. Do NOT even write to me about animal cruelty. I always cut them loose and set them free when I was done. I believe in co-creational reality. If they didn’t want to be tied up and flown by me…..they’d have been out of town that day. I am in touch with my inner curmudgeon.