Worldwide Photo Walk – Midtown, Atlanta – July 18, 2009

Or, How a trip to the ‘burbs proves there’s no place like home….?

Saturday was the Second Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. Somehow I fell off the planet and only just found out about it on Thursday, two days before the event. I have NEVER been accused of paying close attention to…um…details. Anyway, the general Atlanta metro area was hosting no less than 7 different walks in 6 different locations. Of course, most of them were already filled to capacity. Did I mention this MAMMOTH event only came into my consciousness on Thursday? Late on Thursday? VERY late on Thursday?



Deborah’s Excellent Adventures In Commercial Photography

Adventures in Commercial Photography

That is me up in the ‘cherry picker’ basket of a state of the art, quarter million dollar service truck! Oh. My. Gawd. I thought I had died and gotten a lift right up to heaven!!! I swear to Good Golly Miss Molly, I had SO MUCH FUN I would’a almost PAID the company that hired me to do it! Okay, just how many is TOO many exclamation points?

So, here I am, preparing for lift off with the driver/operator, a really nice guy by the name of Eddie. We’re right smack in the middle of downtown Atlanta on Peachtree Street. This is after Eddie so sweetly and precisely maneuvered that basket right down to the sidewalk, so I could practically walk right in.

Here we begin our ascent.




Here I am photographing the ground crew, who was photographing me : )

This is a view from the top looking north on Peachtree.

A slightly different, vaguely queasy making view.

Another shot from the ground crew, showing the scintillating action!

No matter how high I go in life, I still love the little people……down there on the sidewalk.

And here I am , all safe and sound, but completely JAZZED about the whole experience. Most of the people who know me realize I’m really just an overgrown 10 year boy in a 50 year old woman’s body. The 10 year old HAD A BLAST AND WANTS TO DO IT AGAIN!!!

Oh…..before I forget. So, what exactly was it I was photographing?


Now don’t tell me life ain’t grand.