Hottest Trend for Summer 2016 – Round Beach Blankets & Towels

Announcing Digital Deborah

I’m really excited to announce my new brand, Digital Deborah. It combines several of my loves – slurpy lurid color, bold graphic design and interior design – into one awesome package.

My work has always been very commercial and I’m thrilled to be able to harness the reach of this wonderful world wide web to blow my own personal dandelion of creativity out into the world.

Hottest trends for Summer 2016 The Round Beach Blanket and Towel

Just in Time for The Fourth of July

I always like to put my own spin on things. A couple of years ago, out on a location scouting trip for a sign manufacturing company I had been hired by to update their portfolio, I photographed a very large American flag against a stunning blue sky.

“…we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time…” Georgia O’Keefe

I uploaded all the images from that day and kept coming back to that flag. It was quite majestic against that deep blue sky. But I wanted something else. Something more…mystical. We see images of our flag all the time. It is everywhere. Ubiquitous. I wanted to create an image that evoked the deeper mysteries of family, tribe and clan.

americana, america, home, honor, patriotism, stars and stripes, tradition, declaration of independence, fourth of july, independence day, july 4th


How to Elevate Your Snapshots With Adobe Lightroom Presets

How a Good Book REALLY Can Save the Day

I received Window Seat, The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking by Julieanne Kost, as a gift a couple of years ago. Periodically I’ll pull it off the shelf and browse, think, dream and ruminate my way through it. Ms. Kost is a trainer for Adobe Photoshop software and brings a unique perspective to photography. Basically she spends over 200 days a year flying. When she’s not flying, she’s teaching. Doesn’t leave a lot of time for creating. Yet she found a way to indulge her creativity as she soars through the air. It is her view from….the window seat.


Enhance your photos with Adobe Lightroom Presets


Rowboat Media, the website design firm I co-founded and am a partner in, has been going full steam ahead for quite some time now and I haven’t really been shooting much. As a matter of fact it has seemed to me that my photography muse has been on extended holiday. But that doesn’t mean I don’t file visual ideas away in the deep, dark recesses of my mind.[…]

The American West Through the Lens of a Point and Shoot

Or, How a Cheap Camera and a Thousand Dollars Worth of Software Can Work For You


My parents are retired, but not retiring. As a matter of fact, they’ve begun to range far and wide. Over this past summer, they set off on what I’ve begun to refer to as their Grand Adventure. They recently purchased a gigantic ‘Monster Bus’, a sort of land yacht RV thing, the type of thing you might see certain rock stars ensconced in. My mother had never seen the great American west or southwest and it had been decades since my father had. They set off on a 45 day ‘walk about’, following the setting sun.[…]

My Daughter As Marie Antoinette

Or, How to Help Your Family Time Travel

My daughter just celebrated her September birthday and I wanted to give her something very special.  She has a fascination with all things Marie Antoinette.  I have a fascination with all things ART and thought it would be a good opportunity to continue working on my digital mastery and eventual conquest of the world.  Not too mention I thought ‘J’ might enjoy BEING Marie Antoinette!  How often DOES a young, modern woman get to see herself in French court attire?



Dangerous Beauty

“The world breaks everyone – and afterward some are strong at the broken places.”

Ernest Hemingway






Steel Roses II

Unexpressed love is toxic.  Happy Birthday Kate.

Artist Indulgence

Or, A Few of My Favorite Things

Yeah, I know.  EVERYBODY photographs flowers.  Well, everybody also breathes, but you don’t see me insisting that fewer of you do it, now do you?  I aim my camera at pretty things.  Call me shallow, but not for me, all that journalistic ‘we really should do something about these terrible conditions’ kind of photography.  It’s enough that it should be pretty.  Make me feel good.  Lift my spirits.



The Oracle Consults Her Muse

Or, Another Step Closer to Figuring Some Crap Out

Or, Before Enlightenment, Chop Wood and Carry Water.

Or, After Enlightenment, Chop Wood and Carry Water.

This piece of artwork has kept me busy, on and off, for the better part of the past two months. I mentioned in an earlier post how much I love Maggie Taylor’s art. I’ve set about teaching myself an entire other way of doing/seeing/being. Oh dear. Hmmmm. I suppose I should also mention I have begun a new personal practice of The Dance of Shiva. Insights and breakthroughs could happen. Yeah, I know….better watch it with the airy-fairy stuff.