Sidewalks of Midtown – Atlanta – A Photographic Study

Or – Where the Werewolves of London Roam…Not


Unlike many major American cities, the city of Atlanta requires homeowners whose property abuts public streets to maintain the sidewalks between their property and the street.  Rumor has it that other municipalities keep city sidewalks in good repair utilizing taxpayer’s money.  In Atlanta, this rather non-progressive policy leads to a colorful variety of sidewalks in a full spectrum of repair and disrepair.

That said, the visual artist in me LOVES all the infinite variety of Midtown sidewalks.

The Rose Walk


Digital Art – Blurring the Boundaries

Southern Gothic Gemini Watched Over by the Ancestors, the Moon and Mother Cameo

I LOVE Maggie Taylor’s art. I own one of her books and have been literally CONSUMING it. If I could eat it, I would. I feel so inspired when I look at her magical works of wonder. I’ve finally gotten patient enough to begin teaching myself an entire new art form. At this point, I am nowhere near the utter perfection of Maggie Taylor, but it is certainly a very high water mark to aim for.