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iPhones, camera apps and Pop Art

I joined Flickr in October 2007. At the time it felt like I was a late comer.

As I have certain obsessive tendencies, I had resisted the urge to join for well over a year.

I was concerned I would go down that rabbit hole and not come up for air for….years. And that, folks, is why I’ve never tried meth and don’t have Angry Birds on my phone. Nopie nope. Can’t do it.

Ah, what wonders to behold.

But I did join and I’m glad I did. The dizzying scope and array of artistic talent and vision presented on Flickr is staggering.

One of the first people I noticed and marked as a contact on Flickr was Barky aka Mark Schreiner, and his was one of the first images I ‘favorited’.

The Duck and The Dolphin – Copyright © Mark Schreiner. All rights reserved.

Mark’s work has a fantastic, shall we say lurid quality I find very appealing. It’s fun, bright, cheeky and dripping with slurpy color goodness.

It finally dawned on me that I would like to know a little bit more about this person  whose work I’ve been following for 5 years.

Road trip![…]

Studio Lighting for Dolls and Other Small Objects

Interview with Kenya Mason

Phenomenal lighting from the tiniest of studios…and perhaps the beginning of a new interview series.

I love Flickr. It is one of my favorite avoid-what-I-really-need-to-be-doing distractions.

I love great lighting too, and get really excited when I see well lit, carefully crafted images.

Insomnia can be your friend.

Occasionally sleep eludes me and I seek the solace of beautiful imagery.

That was a really poetic way to say when I’m whacked out of my mind due to not being able to sleep, I wander the house in a daze late into the night and in between peeping thru the neighbor’s windows and shooting cheese down my gullet from an aerosol can, I do a little web surfing.

It was just such an occasional in which I stumbled across the Flickr photo stream of one Kenya Mason aka aneky43251.

Studio Lighting for Dolls and Small Objects

I'll Be Out In Five - Copyright © Kenya Mason - All Rights Reserved.