The American West Through the Lens of a Point and Shoot

Or, How a Cheap Camera and a Thousand Dollars Worth of Software Can Work For You


My parents are retired, but not retiring. As a matter of fact, they’ve begun to range far and wide. Over this past summer, they set off on what I’ve begun to refer to as their Grand Adventure. They recently purchased a gigantic ‘Monster Bus’, a sort of land yacht RV thing, the type of thing you might see certain rock stars ensconced in. My mother had never seen the great American west or southwest and it had been decades since my father had. They set off on a 45 day ‘walk about’, following the setting sun.[…]

Black & White Conversions Using Lightroom and Photoshop – Tutorial

In the digital age, getting really stunning black & white images is often a struggle for many people.  Like anything involving either digital photography or various software applications, the field of possibilities is endless.[…]

Camera RAW vs JPG

Or, How Someone Else Explains Things Better Than I Do

A lot of people want to better understand the differences or potential benefits between shooting in camera RAW as opposed to JPG.  There are a great many people who put their foot down firmly on one side or the other of this debate.  I’ve seen arguments get heated in certain forums, with each side claiming the high ground.

rawvsjpegJennifer Leigh, Karyn Christner, Robert Wallace

Me?  I shoot RAW.  Why?  Because I like to endlessly tweak things.  I come from a background of printing ‘old school’ and really like to get my hands in it and mess it around a bit.  Then maybe change my mind, erase it all and start again….and again.  RAW allows that freedom.  I also find JPGs to be more ‘contrasty’, both tending to blow out my highlights and block up my shadows.  Dude, if anyone is gonna block my shadows, it better be me.[…]