Artist Indulgence

Or, A Few of My Favorite Things

Yeah, I know.  EVERYBODY photographs flowers.  Well, everybody also breathes, but you don’t see me insisting that fewer of you do it, now do you?  I aim my camera at pretty things.  Call me shallow, but not for me, all that journalistic ‘we really should do something about these terrible conditions’ kind of photography.  It’s enough that it should be pretty.  Make me feel good.  Lift my spirits.



Home is Where the Mom Is

Or, No Really – Home is Where the Mom Is

My family is going through a bit of a rough patch right now.  Nothing I care to go into on the world wide web, but it is painful enough for us to have circled the wagons and drawn closer to each other.  This particular passage in life has turned my thoughts to home and hearth.  Odd, isn’t it, how many of us most often think of home as ‘Mom’s’ place?  I mean, Daddy lives there too.  Always has.  But really though, truth be told, it’s Mother’s house.



Texture in Photography

Or, Bumpy is Better

All of these images were taken on a single day…nay, a single walk around my neighborhood.  I’ve been living in and photographing this same roughly 7 square blocks of Midtown Atlanta for over three years and you’d think I’d run out of things to aim my camera at.  But it a busy, chock full o’ stuff kind of place and there are always new things to see or new ways to see the same old things.  Like texture.  On this particular walk, texture was just popping out all over the place.


When You Find Beauty

Step Toward It….


And let everything else fall away…..


Sometimes it Really is the Simple Things

Or, Sunshine on my Shoulder Feels so Lovely

Sometimes you walk out the door and that giant self-sustaining nuclear reactor in the sky is hanging at just the right and perfect angle on the horizon and all the world seems suffused with golden, gooey goodness.  Oh yes, I just went there.

Such was the light on a recent walk about my neighborhood.  I was transformed into a hunter, stalking the ever elusive and fleeting light.  Are these the best images I’ve ever created?  No.  But WHO cares when the light is this golden? GO OUTSIDE PEOPLE!  And quit slamming that damned screen door or I’ll tan your hide!


Photographing Interiors and Faux Finishes

Or, Some of the Grooviest People are Faux Finishers : )

Several months back I had the utmost pleasure to work with a wonderful woman by the name of Laura Wool.

Laura, a fantastic faux finisher, hired me to document some of her work for her new website. I spent a couple of weeks driving around north of the greater metro Atlanta area, going from one lovely home to another. We would meet and I would set about head scratching and problem solving aka trying to decide where to place my lights etc.

I was simply bowled over by the caliber of Laura’s work and thrilled to be part of the process. I was, in fact, so happy with the results that I plastered the images all over my own website. Well, finally Laura’s website is complete and launched. Yay! So this is my ‘shout out’ for Laura Wool.


High on a Mountain Top

Or,  Seeing Wildlife Other than Street Hustlers and Junkies is a Good Thing

I know I mentioned it before, that we live in the heart of urban Midtown, Atlanta.  I can honestly say I am glad to have had this experience.

When I was younger, oh so much younger, I used to daydream about all the different ways I wanted to experience living.  One of them was that fantasy of living right in the heart of a vibrant city, wherein I would walk right down to the street and skip happily along, just like Marlo Thomas in That Girl.  I’d stroll past fresh flower vendors, shop at my local corner grocer, frequent my neighborhood coffee shop slash bookstore and bump into friends, neighbors and acquaintances all along the way, as I made my way to a fabulous city park for a bench with a view.  Hmmmm…..don’t forget the baguette and fragrant cheese either.