Sidewalks of Midtown – Atlanta – A Photographic Study

Or – Where the Werewolves of London Roam…Not


Unlike many major American cities, the city of Atlanta requires homeowners whose property abuts public streets to maintain the sidewalks between their property and the street.  Rumor has it that other municipalities keep city sidewalks in good repair utilizing taxpayer’s money.  In Atlanta, this rather non-progressive policy leads to a colorful variety of sidewalks in a full spectrum of repair and disrepair.

That said, the visual artist in me LOVES all the infinite variety of Midtown sidewalks.

The Rose Walk


Worldwide Photo Walk – Midtown, Atlanta – July 18, 2009

Or, How a trip to the ‘burbs proves there’s no place like home….?

Saturday was the Second Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. Somehow I fell off the planet and only just found out about it on Thursday, two days before the event. I have NEVER been accused of paying close attention to…um…details. Anyway, the general Atlanta metro area was hosting no less than 7 different walks in 6 different locations. Of course, most of them were already filled to capacity. Did I mention this MAMMOTH event only came into my consciousness on Thursday? Late on Thursday? VERY late on Thursday?



Documentary Photography – Midtown Atlanta

Old Midtown – Atlanta Georgia

I’ve been documenting the old section of Midtown, Atlanta for the last three years.  Most of my photographs are taken in the area bounded by Piedmont Avenue, 10th Street, Charles Allen Drive and 4th Street.  Occasionally I venture over to Juniper Street or into Piedmont Park.

I am continually amazed by how ‘wild’ some parts of this very urban, in-town community still are.  It is such a trip to be standing in the midst of what seems to be a lonely country lane and look up to see a city skyline.

I keep tossing the idea around of publishing a book.  Maybe I will.

These two images were taken in fairly close proximity to each other.  On this particular day I was focused on photographing the remains of the once common cobblestone streets.  I was actually standing on a small patch of cobblestone when I took the top image.



On Location Children’s Photography Shoot

Or – Oh be still my beating heart!

OMG!!! I just spent the morning with three of the MOST fantastic children in the UNIVERSE.  Listen people, I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years.  When I say a kid is great….trust me, I DO know the difference.  This is actually my second time playing er…working with this family.  What a joy.  Great parents with the ‘just right’ mix of allowing their children freedom, yet raising good citizens.