Down by the Sea Shore

Or, He Says She Says She Sells Seashells Down by the Seashore

Have you ever had one of those inspired moments, where you realize you don’t want to be where you are for another second? Just such a feeling overwhelmed us last week. After days and days on end of rain and gloom, Atlanta was feeling rather oppressive. So, just like that, we decamped to our favorite spot on the Gulf of Mexico ~ Santa Rosa Island.[…]

The American West Through the Lens of a Point and Shoot

Or, How a Cheap Camera and a Thousand Dollars Worth of Software Can Work For You


My parents are retired, but not retiring. As a matter of fact, they’ve begun to range far and wide. Over this past summer, they set off on what I’ve begun to refer to as their Grand Adventure. They recently purchased a gigantic ‘Monster Bus’, a sort of land yacht RV thing, the type of thing you might see certain rock stars ensconced in. My mother had never seen the great American west or southwest and it had been decades since my father had. They set off on a 45 day ‘walk about’, following the setting sun.[…]