How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids

New eBook from Digital Photography School

I LOVE the folks over at DPS. They consistently put out great content about the subject of photography AND they publish AMAZING books.

They just keep partnering with more high quality photographers and bringing all sorts of helpful advice, tips and insights to the market place. Their latest offering, CLICK! How To Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids explores a subject that is near and dear to my heart…children’s photography.

It is the one genre of photography that is the most accessible to the largest number of people and therefore offers the greatest opportunity to do something fun, challenging and rewarding AND get paid for doing it. That looks like a win-win proposition to me. Even if you don’t want to do it for hire, it’s still great for our family photo albums to be fun and distinctive.

How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids


Review: RadLab is a Game Changer

Totally Rad’s new RadLab simplifies photo editing while enhancing creativity.

I have been a huge fan of Totally Rad’s Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets for a long time. The team over at Totally Rad have a way of creating easy to use products that enhance photographic creativity, yet are simple and elegant to use.

The Learning Curve Flattened

I’ve been a Photoshop user for well over a decade. It is a fantastic tool and there are many reasons it is the industry standard. The breadth and width of Photoshop software is mind boggling. Take any 10 people and ask them to preform a task in Photoshop, and you’ll likely see 10 unique ways of approaching the task. I’ve often said Photoshop has a learning curve so steep it leans out over you, like a rock overhang.

Review: Totally Rad's RadLab software makes photo editing simple and easy.

You can do so many things with Photoshop – photo edit, illustrate, draw, create composite images, drop in text layers with their own multi-dimensional effects, etc.[…]

Digital Photography School – Captivating Color

For ONE WEEK ONLY, get a 25% discount price of $14.99 (usually $19.99) AND a second photography book with your order. That’s over 50% less than the total price!

Hot on the heels of their last photography book, Photo Nuts and Shots, the folks over at Digital Photography School have released yet another high quality ‘how-to’ photography book. This latest book, Captivating Color, focuses on the creative and dramatic use of color in photography. This is a subject near and dear to my own heart. I have often referred to myself as a ‘color ho’. Yeah. I said it. I have been known to use unexpected wildly colored backgrounds in my portrait work, as shown in Using Bold Color in Portraiture – Tips and Techniques and How to Photograph Large Groups in the Studio.

Captivating Color digital photography book

I received my review copy yesterday morning and browsed my way through it most of the day.[…]

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

There are only about 24 hours left to purchase your copy of Photo Nuts and Shots and still qualify to win a Sony A55 Digital Camera with 18-55mm lens AND the 25% discounted price of $14.99.

The original contest for a free DSLR was supposed to conclude at the end of the first week after the book’s release date. However, Photo Nuts and Shots was so well received that it attracted another sponsor giving away another camera!

Photo Nuts and Shots


Transcending Travel – A Guide to Captivating Travel Photography

Hot on the heels of their latest ebook The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography, the folks over at Digital Photography School have released another STUNNING photography book. Transcending Travel was written by Mitchell Kanashkevich, a freelance travel and documentary photographer who travels the world and shoots for Getty and Corbis Images.

Transcending Travel Photography Book by Digital Photography School


The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography – A Review

Where Was This Book When I Was Starting Out?

I have a confession. I originally ordered this e-book to figure out how I might want to format my own e-book about photography. Then I received it and thought ‘well why bother now?'[…]

Review: Totally Rad Lightroom Presets Total Package

Fourth and final in a series of reviews about Totally Rad Lightroom Presets


This is the fourth and final in a series of reviews about the new Totally Rad Lightroom Presets offered by Doug Boutwell over at Totally Rad. The first three reviews focused on the Basics, Black & White and Effects. This review will focus on the Vignettes and Toning presets.

totally rad lightroom presets review 13vt