Become a Better Photographer in ONLY 31 Days

Digital Photography School is offering a phenomenal opportunity to learn at the feet of a master.

Offered in daily modules, this course is designed to take you from zero to hero in 31 days.

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Enrollment closes August 11, 2017.

Beginner online photography course

This course is offered through Digital Photography School and designed by professional photography instructor Jim Hamel.

What You’ll Learn in 31 Days

  • Exposure
  • Lighting
  • Subjects
  • Composition
  • Camera Techniques
  • Post Processing Software

It’s Interactive

  • Practicing the techniques you learn by taking your own photos along the way
  • Interact with other people who are also going through the course
  • Share your progress
  • Ask Jim questions you have about any of the lessons

Keeping it Simple

The course is offered with 31 high quality video modules that keep it nice and simple. Examples of daily modules:

Beginner online photography course

Extremely Economical!

The course costs $49 USD, which is ONLY $1.50 A DAY! So head on over to Digital Photography School and get yourself enrolled today.

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For the next 5 days, everything in the Totally Rad store is half off with the coupon code HOLIDAY2016. Save big on time-saving photo editing tools, but don’t wait! The sale ends Friday 11/25 at midnight. 

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Read my reviews of Replichrome I, RadLab, and their original set of Lightroom Presets.

Creating the Look of Film Digitally – Replichrome Review

Creating the look of film digitally with Lightroom presets - Replichrome reviewThe Year was 1987 B.D.

That was the year I started my first little photography studio. 1985 B.D. Before Digital.

Those were the days of film. Those were also the days of shooting and tensely waiting, sometimes for several days, to find out if anything you shot was worth keeping. Which is why I gave up on wedding photography fairly early on. Entirely too much stress.

I started out shooting with a basic Nikon SLR with a single kit lens. As I became more financially flush, I moved on to a Bronica medium format camera and stepped up to bigger negatives.

Because I always wanted to be a commercial photographer,  I focused on finding films that would give me the fine-grained, higher contrast, punchy color I was looking for.

I continued to use those same films to photograph my portrait customers, as well as products, objects and architectural details.

I built a very successful photography studio on the backs of several different films stocks. Along the way, I learned a lot about different kinds of films.[…]

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RadLab is a Game Changer

New Lightroom Presets From Totally Rad Really Deliver 

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