What is an F-Stop

Wherein Alice went down the rabbit hole and fell into a magical land where all manner of things began to make sense.

Quick….what’s an f-stop? What does it do? Why does it matter? How does it play with shutter speed?

Apparently this is one of the hardest things for the average person to learn. I can actually see people’s eyes glaze over when I try to explain it.

There’s no crying in mathematics.

If you ever want to turn off that ‘auto’ mode thingy and do some purposeful creating, you’re going to have to understand F-stops. This video by Dylan Bennett does an excellent job of explaining the much misunderstood F-Stop. The ‘aha’ moment comes around minute 10-ish:

Give credit where credit is due.

I didn’t find this little gem on my own. A fellow blogger and amazing photographer, Jon Armstrong of Blurbomat fame found it.

Photography Contest – Big Prizes

Or, Win Some Fun Photography Stuff!


Doug Boutwell over at Totally Rad Actions is having a very interesting photography contest with lots of incredible prizes. As a matter of fact, he’s giving away $1300 worth of stuff.  I’ve already entered six images!  You have to be a TRA user to enter and qualify, but no worries.  If you are not already using these FANTASTIC actions, you can also get in on the big SALE action going on, through the end of March.  You can read all about the details at Doug’s blog.

Photography in the Time of Sorrow

Or, One Artist’s Voice Speaks For Many

Two posts in one day. Who can live at that speed? I was surfing the web today, looking for an artist agent for myself. Along the way, I stumbled upon Altpick.com. For whatever reason, the fairies of the Universe conspired so that the first page that opened featured a fellow Atlantan I have never met, one Mr. Zack Arias. I loved what he had to say in his ‘Artist Message‘, so I naturally moseyed on over to check out his blog. That’s where I watched this video. I literally put my head in my hands and wept great big gobbets of tears. I have never heard words before that so clearly articulate what it can feel like to be alone with your creative demons.